Hendrick Health Deploys 2bPrecise™ Precision Health™ Platform

Texas provider to focus on oncology initially, then expand across specialties and care settings

RALEIGH, NC, and ABILENE, TX – Dec. 16, 2020 – Hendrick Health will deploy the 2bPrecise platform as the foundation for its precision medicine program. The initial focus will be in cancer care, where a significant volume of genomic testing is already being done, with enterprise-wide utilization to follow.

Located three hours west of Dallas, Hendrick is the flagship healthcare provider for mid-west Texas. Anchored by Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, the health system offers a full range of care including oncology, cardiology, orthopedics and women’s health, with nearly 1,000 healthcare providers on staff. Other facilities include Hendrick Medical Center South in Abilene and Hendrick Medical Center Brownwood in Brownwood.

“Our entire team is committed to innovation and personalized care,” says Jose Vega, MD, Medical Director of Hendrick Cancer Center. “Precision medicine will help us improve quality, outcomes and patient wellbeing. It provides unprecedented opportunities to arrive at more accurate diagnoses and select highly effective targeted therapies, as well as to more easily identify patients at risk for inherited disease.”

With Hendrick Health’s initial focus on cancer care, the 2bPrecise solution will deliver results from tumor genomic testing (somatic information) to help oncologists identify the treatment most likely to produce optimal results based on the molecular profile of the malignant tissue. If they choose, providers likewise can use pharmacogenomic testing to help identify the safest and most effective medications for each individual patient, as well as view information suspected to represent germline variations that may indicate the patient or family members would benefit from further genetic testing.

2bPrecise is designed to solve workflow and data management challenges faced by healthcare organizations implementing precision medicine. Genomic test results typically are returned to the physician in a PDF or require logging in to the testing lab’s proprietary portal. This makes the information inconvenient to access and, because it is not saved as discrete data, difficult to analyze and use more broadly. In addition, physicians will have fingertip access to evidence-based clinical guidelines and current knowledge resources to support decision making.

“It’s critical to bring this data into the clinician’s workflow, with no extra steps, so the insights can be factored into clinical decision making,” says Dr. Vega. “This allows our team to deliver better and more efficient care.”

Agnostic to various laboratory information systems and electronic health records (EHR), 2bPrecise will consume genomic data from Hendrick’s chosen labs (LabCorp, ARUP and NeoGenomics) and deliver it within the organization’s EHR, Allscripts Sunrise™.

“We’re honored to work with the leaders and clinicians at Hendrick Health,” said 2bPrecise CEO Assaf Halevy. “Their perspective on the value precision medicine delivers is tightly aligned with ours, and we look forward to collaborating to help Hendrick Health deliver outstanding care to patients.”

About 2bPrecise
The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology. The 2bPrecise Genomic EHR Mentor (GEM™) brings the resulting precision medicine insights into a physician’s EHR workflow for immediate and timely use. With discrete test results consolidated into an invaluable data set, provider organizations are likewise equipped to drive efficient workflows for genomic interventions, extract population analytics, design clinical intervention programs, build cohorts for trial recruitment, enable participation in research studies and more. Learn more at www.2bPreciseHealth.com.

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