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Genomics Is Redefining the Standard of Care

Case in point: Intermountain Healthcare recently announced it would conduct genomic testing on all newly diagnosed cancer patients – joining other industry-leading systems (Memorial Sloan Kettering and Geisinger, to name a few) with similar policies.

But a significant gap remains: While countless organizations are now ordering genomic tests, they lack the data management and point-of-care access to derive real value from these insights.

That’s where 2bPrecise comes in. We’re working with a wide variety of clients, helping them build an informatics strategy, whether their priority is pharmacogenomics, precision oncology or another clinical area – or an enterprise-wide initiative.



Apply organizational policies and governance to the genetic and genomic lab-ordering processes – greater efficiency!


Structure data from test results so they can be harvested and mined for improved patient and population management – identify disease risk or treatment options quickly as more knowledge is gained.


Inject genomic information into native workflows so it’s presented when needed and accessed for rapid – and better – decision making.

Precision Medicine In The Right Hands

We’ve worked with multiple clients across the country, helping them build an informatics strategy to support their goals, whether their priority was pharmacogenomics, precision oncology or launching an enterprise-wide initiative.

Uncover information about which medications patients will process most effectively – and will be safest for them.
  • Pharmacogenomics
Precision Oncology
Discover which patients might be at higher risk for certain cancers, and identify best treatment based on tumor biomarkers.
  • Precision Oncology
Enterprise Strategy
Start in the clinical area that makes most sense – and scale across all practice areas.
  • Enterprise Strategy

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We enable healthcare organizations to get started with precision medicine anywhere they want – oncology? pediatrics? cardiology? pharmacogenomics?

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