Enterprise Strategy

If The Ball Isn't In Play, The Game Can't Progress

This simple sports analogy underscores a critical consideration for precision medicine success: if genomic information isn’t available – to all providers across the entire organization – they can’t use it to advance care for patients. Locking the information in specialty- or practice-specific systems dilutes the value of genomic results. Pharmacogenomic and germline data remains the same throughout the patient’s lifetime. If the information is stored and managed so it can be accessed across the continuum, its worth is compounded (and costs can be spread broadly and over time). That’s what 2bPrecise delivers.

The Patient Journey

Getting Started With Precision Medicine

The 2bPrecise platform allows you to get started with precision medicine in the area that makes most sense for your organization – maternal/fetal medicine, oncology, behavioral health, cardiology, pediatrics and so on. Then you can scale incrementally to bring various service lines on board. Plus, our deep expertise in ontologies, data models and clinical integration future-proofs your investment in 2bPrecise. We ensure your organization can fully leverage new scientific discoveries and therapeutic applications – without having to retool your technology infrastructure or precision medicine strategy.

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We enable healthcare organizations to get started with precision medicine anywhere they want – oncology? pediatrics? cardiology? pharmacogenomics?

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