2bPrecise Joins the Epic App Orchard to Bring Its Precision Medicine Insights to the Point of Care

Platform delivers genetic/genomic data directly into the EHR workflow for Epic customers

Raleigh, NC – Nov. 3, 2021 – 2bPrecise™ announced its Precision Health™ platform is now available in the Epic App Orchard Gallery. The App Orchard program enables developers to integrate their healthcare IT solutions with the Epic electronic health record (EHR) using standards-based APIs.

The 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs. It synthesizes these elements into a clinical-genomic ontology and brings the resulting insights into the provider’s workflow to support timely clinical decisions at the point of care. The solution is built to interact with evolving knowledge sources and care guidelines to deliver the most up-to-date insights to providers.

“We established 2bPrecise to make precision medicine a reality by offering providers easy access to the genomic data and relevant insights for smarter, better and faster care decisions tailored to each individual patient,” said 2bPrecise CEO Assaf Halevy. “To bring genomic insights to the point of care, we need to create a seamless process for providers, regardless of the EHR and information systems they had in place. By joining the App Orchard, we’re able to bring enhanced genomic insights directly to Epic users within their workflow, making it easier for them to make informed care decisions in real-time.”

The 2bPrecise platform has been recognized for healthcare innovation by multiple industry organizations, such as FierceHealthcare, Microsoft and MedTech Breakthrough. All Epic community members can now explore and access the award-winning Precision Health platform in the App Orchard gallery.

About 2bPrecise

The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology. The 2bPrecise Genomic EHR Mentor (GEM™) brings the resulting precision medicine insights into a physician’s EHR workflow for immediate and timely use. With discrete test results consolidated into an invaluable data set, provider organizations are likewise equipped to drive efficient workflows for genomic interventions, extract population analytics, design clinical intervention programs, build cohorts for trial recruitment, enable participation in research studies and more.

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Media Contact:

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Aria Marketing (for 2bPrecise)
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