2bPrecise Education Series – “Precision Medicine: Your Secret to Competitive Excellence”

Precision Medicine: Your Secret to Competitive Excellence Join us for an enlightening webinar featuring Dr.¬†William Feaster, MD, MBA, MJ, CHCIO, CDH-E, FCHIME, a highly accomplished clinician and healthcare executive with a remarkable career spanning anesthesia, ambulatory care, critical care, and … Read More

Righting Wrongs in Precision Oncology Today: Incorporating Informatics to Avoid Missed Opportunities

Patients continue to pay the price for missed opportunities that could shorten the disease-burden timeline and improve outcomes. … Read More

Clinical Use Cases: Pharmacogenomic Results Within the EHR Workflow

Results realized by providers who have integrated pharmacogenomic (PGx) test results within their EHR workflows. … Read More