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Accelerate precision medicine with Microsoft Genomics

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Lack of precision medicine strategy triggers legal ramifications

Unconvinced about the impact genomic insights can have on your organization. A woman in the UK is suing her provider over non-disclosure of father’s Huntington’s disease. … Read More

PGx Reimbursement

Because it’s such an evolving area of medicine, reimbursement for pharmacogenomic testing varies across the country – and impacts clinical decisions made on a daily basis. Take a look at IGNITE’s overview of which Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) serves each … Read MoreRead More

Gene mutation, not cancer site, drives treatment

Underscoring the role genetics plays in cancer care, the FDA has approved a drug for a wide range of cancers based on a shared mutation, rather than the tumors’ location – a win for those who recognize the impact precision … Read MoreRead More

Gaining momentum: Germline testing on all cancer patients

Intermountain Healthcare has joined a number of leading organizations that are leveraging genomic testing as a new standard of care for cancer patients. … Read More