Liat Goldberg, PhD, Lead Scientist

A specialist in cancer signal transduction pathways, Liat Goldberg, PhD, earned her doctorate in neurobiology from Tel-aviv University. Her career has focused on in cancer research, from basic science to pre-clinical and clinical data interpretation for both solid tumors and hematopoietic malignancies. Currently lead scientist for 2bPrecise, Dr. Goldberg’s likewise displays deep expertise in bioinformatics analysis of NGS datasets, as well as gene expression arrays and chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing, variant analysis, and interpretation for both inherited disorders and cancer. Following post-doctoral work with the Cancer Research Center at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel and the National Cancer Institute in the U.S., Dr. Goldberg served as a review analyst for GeneDx in Maryland and Head of Molecular Analysis for GeneSort in Israel.