San Francisco Otolaryngology Selects 2bPrecise

Leading Bay-area ENT group to launch precision medicine program, beginning with pharmacogenomics

RALEIGH, NC—Nov. 11, 2020—San Francisco Otolaryngology has selected the 2bPrecise™ platform as the foundation for its precision medicine strategy, beginning with pharmacogenomics (PGx) and potentially expanding to additional genetic/genomic testing.

According to Jacob Johnson, MD, president of the medical group, the practice’s initial focus will be to introduce PGx to a cohort of patients participating in a multidisciplinary clinical program addressing issues related to aging. “Our interest in precision medicine focuses on general patient wellness. We find the drugs patients take have an important effect on the main variables we assess: whether they are able to exercise, are cognitively intact, engage in social interaction and are safe from falling,” he explains.

“My colleagues and I believe strongly in bringing innovative answers to our patients as we help them maintain and improve their health. Pharmacogenomic results will help us select the right medications for each patient, with assurance that they are also the safest and least likely to cause side effects or adverse reactions.”
With five locations, SF Otolaryngology has delivered comprehensive care for sinus, thyroid and other ear/nose/throat (ENT) conditions since 1940. Its physicians also hold academic appointments at University of California, San Francisco.

2bPrecise consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs. It synthesizes these elements into a clinical-genomic ontology and brings the resulting insights into the provider’s workflow to support timely clinical decisions.

In selecting 2bPrecise, SF Otolaryngology saw an opportunity to apply the benefits of genomic science in a practical setting, beyond the academic medical community. “Most patients, after all, are treated within their own communities,” said Dr. Johnson. “We want to ensure they have access to best clinical practices and the most innovative approaches to their care.” A pilot PGx program is underway at the practice, with roll out across all patients planned for the new year.

“We are gratified that San Francisco Otolaryngology has placed its trust in our platform,” says Assaf Halevy, president and CEO of 2bPrecise. “Precision medicine represents an exciting ‘new horizon’ for healthcare, and San Francisco Otolaryngology leadership has embraced genomics as a strategy to improve its patients’ experience and wellbeing. We’re excited to get started and to see where our partnership takes us.”

About 2bPrecise
The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology. The 2bPrecise Genomic EHR Mentor (GEM™) brings the resulting precision medicine insights into a physician’s EHR workflow for immediate and timely use. With discrete test results consolidated into an invaluable data set, provider organizations are likewise equipped to drive efficient workflows for genomic interventions, extract
population analytics, design clinical intervention programs, build cohorts for trial recruitment, enable participation in research studies and more. Learn more at

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