US Orthopedic Alliance Selects 2bPrecise To Accelerate Precision Medicine Program

Partnership will enable member orthopedic surgeons to identify potential drug-gene interactions to improve the patient experience and outcomes

RALEIGH, N.C. and LAKE FOREST, Calif. – May 24, 2021US Orthopedic Alliance (USOA) has selected 2bPrecise to provide its precision medicine platform to USOA’s network of more than 100 orthopedic surgeons. The 2bPrecise pharmacogenomics module initially will be rolled out to four member practices over the coming months, equipping USOA physicians with the ability to effectively identify potentially dangerous drug-gene interactions so that patients receive the safest, most effective care possible.

“We recognize that precision medicine represents a new standard in health care,” said Rick Salas, CEO of USOA. “We’re committed to delivering the services, technologies and infrastructure orthopedic surgeons need so they can factor patient genetic profiles into their diagnostic and treatment decisions. It truly is a win for both the patient and the provider.” Providers offering precision medicine programs often achieve a competitive advantage over other practices in their service areas, he adds.

The 2bPrecise platform will deliver workflow, data management and clinical decision functionality to USOA providers ordering pharmacogenomic tests (PGx). Specifically, doctors can leverage test results to make informed decisions about powerful pain medications, anticoagulants, antiemetics or other drugs they may prescribe for patients.

Salas continued, “Core to our mission is a commitment to providing orthopedists with specialty-specific services to manage and grow their practices while enhancing the patient experience. Physician members benefit from USOA’s business intelligence solutions, including revenue cycle management, contracting, risk management and value-based care services such as infrastructure, technology and data analytics.”

“We are delighted to work with USOA to bring precision medicine and other genomic insights into the orthopedic workflow”, said Assaf Halevy, CEO and co-founder of 2bPrecise. “USOA has demonstrated its strong leadership in this area and is committed to ensuring its physician members are successful while improving the health and lives of patients. Together, we will help accelerate a dimensional change in how safe orthopedic care is delivered.”

Please visit 2bPrecise Pharmacogenomics about learn more about the extensive value of PGx for more information.

About 2bPrecise

The cloud-based 2bPrecise platform consumes genetic/genomic data from molecular labs and clinical information from EHRs, synthesizing them into a clinical-genomic ontology. The 2bPrecise Genomic EHR Mentor (GEM™) brings the resulting precision medicine insights into a physician’s EHR workflow for immediate and timely use. With discrete test results consolidated into an invaluable data set, provider organizations are likewise equipped to drive efficient workflows for genomic interventions, extract population analytics, design clinical intervention programs, build cohorts for trial recruitment, enable participation in research studies and more. Learn more at

About US Orthopedic Alliance

With deep expertise in health information technology and practice management, USOA is a management services organization that provides its network of physicians, group practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and specialty surgery hospitals with a full suite of services that enable growth and achieve operational efficiencies. For more information on USOA, please visit

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